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Amy Winehouse dead!

Posted on 2011.07.23 at 22:03
Current Mood: sadsad
On top of the terrible news from Norway, we hear now that Amy Winehouse has been found dead at her flat in Camden. It's shocking that she has died so young, but then she did live a lifestyle likely to end up killing you.

I think the saddest part of this news is that it is about the untimely demise of one tragic singer. And yet this story is bound to get as much if not more attention as the Norway massacres, in which over 90 people died.

That said, I suppose I really ought to make the same comparison between the Norway incident and the awful drought now underway in North East Africa.


Tragic slaughter in Norway

Posted on 2011.07.23 at 21:59
As we returned to the hotel last night, we heard of the shocking news about the Oslo bomb and the gunman at the island youth camp. He shot over 80 kids! I feel so sorry for all those parent that have lost loved ones. No doubt we will hear soon what the motive was.


Son's graduation

Posted on 2011.07.21 at 21:23
Current Mood: pleasedproud
This is a very proud day. And another of those times when you have to ask "where did THAT time go?" Dear son graduates from Warwick University today. Upper second with distinction. :D

It was surprisingly emotional to be in the Arts Centre and see all the students already robed up. And then to see our own son in his robes. Pictures galore were taken. The ceremony was held in the Butterworth theatre. It began with an organ recital, followed by a brass band (or about 6 musicians) and the joined by a choir. (Of which two members looked just like Harry Potter and Ron Weasley, lol ). The performances set the tone nicely, building the gravitas of the day, and culminated in the lecturers being led in in solemn procession accompanied by brass and choir.

The came a brief speech and the presentation of certificates.

All in all it was a simple affair, but nicely put together to give the occasion some weight.

Afterwards it was down to the plaza for group photos, and on for individual photos - the latter taking near on 2 hours with queueing for the initial shoot and then to be served to select the photos required. All these photos don't come cheap! We spent a lot on these.

To keep the spirit of celebration going, we treated DS to a Nandos and a film afterwards.

All in all a very enjoyable and memorable day.


Telly change

Posted on 2011.03.27 at 20:22
Clocks went back last night. Lost an hour!

Decided I needed a bag of cement, so DW & I went to B&Q. Had the usual mooch around but surprisingly didn't buy anything but the cement!

That was until we went to Currys! Bought ourselves that new TV didn't we? A nice Samsung 40" telly. It came in a bundle with a blue ray player as well. The player wasn't in stock, so it will be delivered next week. But we took the telly home and I set it up in the afternoon.

We have put the new telly onto the stand for the old one, which we were going to put in our bedroom (yes it is a big telly). Except! I had to move it of course, and I placed it on the sofa. I thought it was okay. However, when we weren't looking it fell off - screen first. It broke! the whole back came off and he innards moved about exceptionally. I righted it and tried to turn it on but it wasn't having any of it! It is now down the dump!

We had that telly for 20 years! I like to think it was upset, and resented the big new shiny screen that was taking it's place and did a swan dive out of disgust!


Trip to Chi

Posted on 2011.03.26 at 20:13
I work away from home all week, and I lok forward to my time at home so I can catch up on chores and little tasks. Like tidying up, gardening, maintenance and setting up printers, SANs and so on. So what do we do? Yep! Go out! It WAS a nice day so we went down to Chichester. It is a nice relaxed place. Pedestrianised. Street entertainers. Nice restaurants - we tried the new Brasserie Blanc which was a notch above anywhere else for lunch! And surprisingly affordable.

This time we walked around the Cathedral, and saw the grounds for the first time.

I intended to do some work when I got back, but the old head wouldn't let me. A good thumper this one.


Not Number 6

Posted on 2010.04.26 at 22:49
Making one of my rare posts reminded me of the icon I currently have. A picture of Patrick MaGoohan as No 6 in The Prisoner. This was a ground breaking series in it's day. One which has had a few imitations (Lost?, Trueman Show?), but has never been matched for originality, inventiveness, and sheer weirdness (imho). So now we have the much desired remake. It has just started showing on British TV on ITV. Of course, I am watching it (2 eps so far). It is good, and in large part is faithful to the original. But somehow, it lacks something. All the elements are there: a covert worker (spy?), who resigns to wake up in "The Village": An exotic and eclectic location: No obvious means of leaving: a population of compliant residents, with an undercurrent of fear: a seemingly charming, but menacing leader called number 2: No number one!: Oh yes - and Rover!

So what is different? I think that perhaps the ground covered by the original series, has been tackled so often by TV and film that this series does not feel like it is breaking ground. Of course the world has moved on and peoples expectation of TV and movie stories has reached dizzying heights. But even so, one would have thought that a remake of The Prisoner would still have some of the allure of the original. Somehow, I don't think it does, and I think the simple reason for this is that this is a remake!

The original was conceived by McGoohan, produced by him, and of course he was the main star. It was his personal creation. This is a retreading of an old formula. In a way it is like making a movie of classic book. When the book is first published it may have been a sensation, and captured the publics imagination. Lets take Alice in Wonderland as an example: muched loved when published. Inevitably turned into Theatre shows, and eventually into film. But each iteration of he retelling of the story somehow loses something. Now of course the brilliant Tim Burton has got hold of it and produced a splendid film, but it isn't quite the original. And somehow, spectacular as the film is, it has lost something. In fact it has become something else. So the strange and mystical tale, loaded with political comment, which is the original piece(s) (lets not forget the looking glass), has morphed into CGI action spectacular with a few enigmatic odd characters. What started out as an original, and no doubt cherished story, has now become a "brand". A source of material for the Movie studios to plunder when they are looking for the next film to be made.

So do I like the new "The Prisoner"? Yes! But I will try watching it without comparing it to the original. And just hope that it can somehow deliver the same sense of bewilderment as the the "first cut".


The long goodbye

Posted on 2010.04.26 at 22:14
Here are a few thought of the moment! Firstly, work. The place I work is due to close soon. I may or may not move on to the new location. But thoughts about this one keep occurring to me. Such as how a thriving company moved into these offices 18 months ago, with an air of enthusiasm and optimism. How the whole move felt like "corporatisation" and a shift in the culture of the company. How the offices are always cold due to the air conditioning being constantly on - even in the Winter. How people always seem to have colds and sniffles. Probably due to the aircon again. Either the temperature brings the sniffles on, or it spreads germs.

How 6 months after the move, the buy out (sell out?) was announced, and the period of uncertainty set in. Who would go and who would stay? And what would happen to these smart new offices? Now, those people that are being "retained" have been made full employees of the purchasing company. The ones that are being made redundant have mostly gone now, including the senior levels of management. And the whole place feels like a mausoleum.

I shall miss this place when I do leave. Small things like the smell from the factory next door. It will be a sad day indeed.


The Lovely Bones and skiing

Posted on 2010.02.27 at 19:30
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
DS is home from Uni since yesterday. He plans to go out with his mates, and didn't


Ski trip booked

Posted on 2010.02.20 at 21:19
This is a first. Our first skip trip alone. just the two of us. And not just tagging along with another party. We booked it today, and we go on 13th March, to Obergurgl. Hotel Austria. I hope it is okay as it as mixed reviews. Some fantastic, some damning!

Posted on 2010.02.18 at 22:48

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